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                     Sam Harrison, Sr. & Florie Mitchell Harrison




Sam Harrison, Sr. born in Whiteoak, SC which in Fairfield county and Florie Mitchell Harrison was born in Fairfield county SC as well. I’m not certain if she was born in Whiteoak, but will confirm at a later date.


Sam and Florie Mitchell Harrison had 9 children. They are:


1.       Mamie (aka Big Mamie) Harrison Williams her husband is James Williams they had no children. But she adopted her sisters children Albert and Bernice after her sister Mattie died.

2.       Mattie Harrison Wade her husband is Earl Wade. 2 children were born to this union. a). Albert Lindsey Wade<span ar-sa;"="" en-us;="" roman";="" new="" "times="" times=""> (b). Bernice Wade

3.       Lindsay Harrison (aka uncle Doc) life partner Carrie. There are no children from this relationship.   Uncle Doc’s alleged children according to Aunt Janie are:

1). Florie who is named after Uncle Doc’s mother. It is believed she resides in Washington, DC. 2). A son whose mothers name is Mary. The son name is unknown at this time. 3). A daughter who is/or was a nurse here at Richland Memorial Hospital. Note: this lady attended uncle Doc’s funeral. She lives in Burnswood in the Eau Claire section of Columbia. 
   Sam Harrison, Jr. his wife is Mamie (aka Lil Mamie) Evans Harrison. Note: Lil

      Mamie was born in Woodard, SC which in Fairfield county. Born to this union 7

      Children. They are:

  • Willie Harrison 1st born died at age 17

  • Ross Madison Harrison spouse Bessie Cowan Harrison

  • Thomas C. Harrison spouse Mary Frances Johnson Harrison

  • Sam Harrison, III spouse Sallie Mae Tucker Whitener Harrison

  • Elizabeth Harrison Robinson spouse Charles Robinson

  • Jannie Benovia Harrison Anthony spouse Ocie Anthony note: aunt Janie stated she deleted one N from her name spelling it “Janie”

  • Sally/Sallie Bell Harrison Williams spouse Otis Lee Williams  

5.    Walter (aka Bust) Harrison no spouse or children. Uncle Bust lived in

       Alexandria, VA. Bust laid asphalt. it’s been said he paved most of the streets in

       Alexandria, VA..

6.     Sarah Harrison McCoy spouse Martin McCoy, to this union was born:

·         Willie James McCoy

·         James Benjamin McCoy aka J.B. (JB lived in NY he had 17 children)

·         Martin McCoy

7.             Elois (aka Lois) Harrison Williams her husband is ____?­­___ . Lois had 2 children. 1). Robert James Harrison and 2). Willie B. Harrison

8.             Robert (aka Bob) Harrison his wife is Mary Ann Harrison. Uncle Bob lived in Wagener, SC and born to this union are: 1). Corine Ellison 2). Linda Wise  3). Thomas Harrison aka T.D. of Chester SC. 
9.        Munchie Harrison died as a child.



List above are the descendants of the late Sam Harrison, Sr.  and Florie Mitchell Harrison.