Since you are reading this page why don't you click on the "Add Your Info"   button below and fill in your family information and upload a then and now picture if you wish.  This is a quest to rediscover family members we have not seen in years.  As well as discover those we have yet to meet. Please leave your questions, comments

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Inga Rearden
March 18, 1979 SC 2
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Marshay Proctor-Bates
September 11, 1979 Arden North Carolina 28704 4
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Deborah Harrison (Washington)
October 25, 1950 Clarksville TN 37042 Married 4
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Thomas Charles Harrison, Jr
October 12, 1949 Columbia South Carolina 29223 Ret. Correctional Officer 7
I realy enjoyed of first Sam and Florie Mithcell Harrison Family Reunion.  I was elated to meet so many family members I did not know.  To the SC committee I say hats off a job well done and look forward to seeing everyone in 2010 in Atlanta were my son T.C. Harrison, III will be our host. Send Thomas Charles a MessageSend Thomas Charles a Message
LaCoya Trapp (Trapp Anthony)
Profile picture
Profile picture
March 26, 2002 Columbia sc 29210 Single
Vincent & Latoya Anthony's daughter
 Ivy Anthony Johnson's Grand daughter
Vickie Lorraine Harrison (Stackhouse)
Profile picture
Profile picture
October 29, 1962 Columbia South Carolina 29209 Admin Spec II/CSR Widowed 2
Family it's almost that time!  We only have a few weeks before our first Family Reunion.  Hope everyone is as excited as I am!  See ya in a few weeks.

Sept. 4, 2008: Family did we or did not have a blast!  For this to be our first FR we were on point.  I know I had a ball and can't wait until we all meet in 2010 in the H. O. T ATL.  Again hat's off to the steering committee Larry, Ivy, Betty, Pam and yours truly!

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Kenysha Renee Anderson
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December 23, 1990 Clarksville TN. 37042 Student Single

Hello family!!! My mom is Connie Harrsion Anderson. I am the granddaughter of the late Thomas C. Harrison Sr. and Mary Frances Johnson Harrison. I am exicted to be coming to the reunion. Lots of meets and greets to whom I know already and to those who I will meet for the first time!! See you all there!! Nyshee

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Bernard Andre Harrison
July 02, 1965 Columbia South Carolina 29209 Auto Detailer Divorced
Whaz up! This is you boi Bo, Thomas C. is my pa and Mae Frances is my ma.  Look forward to seeing ya'll in August. 
Vincent Anthony Jr
Profile picture
Profile picture
September 16, 2007 Columbia SC 29210
Vincent & Latoya Anthony's Son

Ivy Anthony Johnson's Grandson
Kewanda Hurndon
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July 26, 1982 columbia sc 29210 Single
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